How Many Rounds of Hiring are Too Many?

When you’re looking to hire, interviews are part of the equation. They give you a chance to gain more insight into each candidate you’re considering and assess whether they’d be a good fit for you.

Most companies perform at least a phone screen and in-person interview, with other employers incorporating many rounds of interviews into the process. But, as one of the leading office staffing agencies, Future Force knows that sometimes, hiring can go overboard and wind up turning candidates off to your company.

So how many rounds are too many?

There is no set number. Obviously, if you’re hiring for an entry- or junior-level position, you won’t need more than a couple. But when it comes to those higher-level positions, the stakes are also higher. You want to ensure you’re making the best decision and your new hire won’t back out after a few months.

That being said, when you continuously bring back candidates, it can be frustrating for them. Every time you call, they have to take time out of their day and also invest a lot of energy and effort into each interview. It’s, therefore, something you should keep as streamlined as possible to ensure you’re not turning away candidates who would be a great fit.

It’s also important that you’re strategic with your interviews and making the most of the candidate’s time. For instance, if there are multiple people you want in on the interview, don’t make the candidate keep returning. Instead, conduct a one-panel interview so each member can ask questions and you’re also maximizing the candidate’s time.

Also, if you’re just too afraid to push the button and hire an employee, it’s important to ask yourself why. Maybe deep down in your gut you know now is not the right time to hire or you simply haven’t found the best match. If that’s the case, don’t keep candidates waiting and wondering. Let them know and that you will consider them for future opportunities. This will not only give them an answer but do so in a way where you’re not burning bridges.

While it’s always important to invest plenty of time into hiring and interviewing, scheduling too many rounds isn’t a good strategy either. Make sure your approach is balanced enough where you get the information and insight you need, without creating a headache for the candidate.

Do you need help finding that perfect match for a job opening?

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