Question Time: How Do You Handle Stress & Pressure?

There are certain questions that are pretty universal when it comes to the job interview. One of them involves how you handle stress. Most jobs come with at least some pressure, and the hiring manager wants to ensure you’re not going to fall apart when it happens.

But you can’t merely say that you handle stress “well” or that you just “push through.” You need to dig a little deeper and get specific to demonstrate to the interviewer that you are a solid performer, even under pressure. To help you ace your answer, here are a few tips to keep in mind for your response:

Consider why you’re good at handling stress.

For instance, perhaps your strength is that you’re a great communicator, that you delegate well, solve problems quickly, or that you are highly organized and pay strict attention to detail. These are all soft skills that can help you to deal with and get through stressful situations. So identify the ones you have and make a list of how they have helped you with past pressure-filled situations.

Create a narrative around the one that’s the best fit for the position.

The way you answer this question could change depending on the particular company and position you’re interviewing for. So before each interview, develop a response to this question that is most relevant. Even if the question doesn’t arise directly, you’ll still be able to talk about a real-world way that you worked well under pressure and came out on top.

Discuss the outcome and why it was important.

Give the interviewer context for the situation, such as that it involved one of your employer’s biggest clients, and also explain the outcome and how it had a positive impact. Perhaps the client then renewed their contract or sent your company more business as a result of how you handled the situation. The more you can quantify your ability to handle stress, the better.

Don’t deny the fact that you get stressed.

If you do, you’ll come across as phony or lacking in authenticity. Everyone gets stressed; it’s simply human nature. How you respond to it, however, varies greatly depending on the situation. It’s therefore wholly appropriate to communicate that you do get stressed and even talk about how you deal with it outside of work, such as with a hobby or some form of exercise.

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