5 Things to Do During Your Time-Off

Whether you’ve been furloughed, laid off, or are just taking a long vacation from work, there are a few steps you should take to help set the stage for future success in your career and in your life. By investing in yourself in this way, you’ll be able to achieve your goals and more satisfaction in the process. This, in turn, will boost your quality of life and overall happiness.

To help you jumpstart the process, here are five things to consider doing during your time-off:

#1: Take Good Care of Yourself

This means getting plenty of rest, eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly and doing what contributes to good physical, emotional and mental health. For instance, don’t underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep and eating well. You’ll feel stronger in every way and be able to return to work in a better state of mind.

#2: Spend Time in Nature

Getting outside of the office and spending time in nature offers a host of benefits. It helps you to recharge and renew your mind in a way that other environments simply don’t offer. That problem at work or issue you’re struggling with will suddenly seem clearer and easier to handle. Not only that, but this gives you an opportunity to unplug, which is critically important in today’s tech-driven world.

#3: Enroll in a Class

This can include anything from classes that are related to your career to a cooking or dance class. Do something that nourishes your soul, or helps you to learn a new skill that will make your work easier and more effective. Learning something new, whether it’s can be put to practical use on the job or in your life, will help to refresh your mind, provide you with an outlet, and help you connect with others.

#4: Volunteer in Your Community

If helping out is always on your to-do list, but you never have the freedom in your schedule, now’s the time to get involved. You’ll be doing something that makes you feel good, all while supporting a charity that is close to your heart.

#5: Travel to a New Place

Going somewhere new not only helps you to get away from work in the physical sense, but also provides your mind and body with completely different sensations and stimulations. This can give you a new perspective on a challenging situation or simply help you to get the mental break that will provide you with a boost.

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