Keeping Your Employees Comfortable in the Fall

With autumn almost officially here, you might be ramping up productivity. Before you do, make sure your employees have what they need to thrive. When they’re happy and comfortable, it’s more likely they’ll be successful on the job. This is a win for you as they perform at their best, impacting your customers and the company’s bottom line.

To help your employees stay comfortable and working hard this fall season, here are some tips to help you:

Tip #1: Give them more flexibility.

Today’s world demands that you give employees as much flexibility as possible. Work with each of them to discuss their unique situations at home and also be flexible in terms of how and when they work, if you can. For instance, allow for flex hours, telecommuting if possible, or let employees choose certain shifts that are a better fit for their family needs. When they’re on the job, they’ll be more focused and less stressed as a result.

Tip #2: Provide praise and feedback.

When you recognize your employees or provide them with praise for a job well done, it will go a long way in keeping them happy. Whether it’s merely through a word of thanks or a formal rewards program is up to you. However, keep in mind that small perks can go a long way in making your people more comfortable at work and more loyal in the long run.

Tip #3: Encourage vacation.

When workers don’t take their allotted vacation time, it can cause added stress and, eventually burnout. So while it might sound counterintuitive to encourage more breaks and vacations at a time when you’re trying to ramp up productivity, doing so will help your people recharge. They’ll be more focused and productive at work when they return.

Tip #4: Create a comfortable space for breaks.

Make sure the break room is a place that’s comfortable and offers employees the respite they need. Invest in quality furniture that your people can kick back in and stock the space with healthy drinks and snacks.

Tip #5: Enhance lighting.

Lighting plays a crucial role in attitudes and behaviors at work. It’s been proven that more natural light boosts mood and energy, all while improving mental health. If you can’t incorporate more natural lighting into your workplace, then consider bringing in blue-enriched light bulbs in office spaces and conference rooms, which can enhance productivity, reduce fatigue, and promote calmness.

Tip #6: Provide a helping hand.

If you have a big project starting up, your staff might already be working around the clock. When this happens, it’s a good time to bring in temporary workers to handle non-essential tasks and support your core people. This will enable your full-time employees to focus on priorities without feeling overextended.

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