Should You Consider Commute Time Into Salary Negotiations?

With gas prices on the rise, suddenly, the cost to commute might be a consideration in your job search. What if, though, the ideal job comes along, but you’re worried about the final price tag for getting there each day?

The good news is that the negotiation phase of a job search is the ideal time to talk about gas prices and mileage, so you can get the offer you want. Here are some ways to do that.

Can You Negotiate Your Salary Based on Commute Time?

Do your research.

Have hard numbers in terms of mileage, current gas prices, tolls, and any other commuting costs. If they are significant, then presenting these numbers in a daily, weekly, and monthly fashion will help you to build your case and showcase how these expenses will add up over time.

Be flexible.

If the commute is a true issue that is causing you to reconsider an offer, then the employer might ask for some flexibility. For instance, instead of more money or better benefits, they might offer a hybrid work schedule, so you can work from home part-time. Be flexible and open to discussing the details of any offer that comes your way.

Look at the negotiations as a conversation.

Don’t be aggressive or let emotions get in the way when you’re negotiating. Instead, look at it as a conversation where you’re both trying to reach a middle ground. Be professional, stay calm, and remain positive throughout the process. Make your case in a clear and rational way. The more composed you can be, the better.

Evaluate the big picture.

If the job is truly amazing, with salary and benefits to match, don’t let the cost of commuting derail you. Look at the full picture of the offer, including retirement options, healthcare benefits, and the experience you gain that will help you get ahead. These can be far more valuable in the long run and can offset the costs that come with a longer, more expensive commute.

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