Does Your Organization Need a Culture Reset?

Does Your Organization Need a Culture Reset? | Future Force Personnel

Your organization’s culture is more important than you might realize. It can help set the tone for your team, broadcast details to potential candidates, and lead to more successful operations.

On the flip side, if it’s not defined or is negative, then it can cause hiring mistakes and other issues that impact your company’s bottom line. If this is the case, it might be time for some reflection and a potential reset. Wondering where to begin? Here are some tips to get started.

How Do You Know if Your Organization Needs a Culture Reset?

Take a look at your top employees.

Your first step should begin with your top performers. Who are these people, what makes them stand out, what common traits do they share, and why are these important? Once you have answers to these questions, this will give you more clarity about your culture. For instance, if “creativity” is a common trait top performers share, then creativity should be a top value in your culture.

Discuss your current culture with your people.

You and your management team shouldn’t be the only ones defining culture. Bring your employees into the conversation. They’re the ones working with customers each day and creating and selling products and services. As a result, they’ll likely have some invaluable insights into what makes the company unique and what should be a part of your formalized culture. Asking your employees how they view your culture also helps to increase the buy-in of the process.

Think about positioning for the future.

When you’re reflecting on your culture, it’s a good idea to think about the kind of culture that will help you succeed in the future. Don’t simply focus on what you did to get where you are, but what you need to do in the future to continue to succeed.

Also, as your company expands, how will this play a role in the dynamics of the culture and your staff? Taking the future into account when you’re resetting your culture will ensure you’re capturing your unique essence and positioning it in a way that helps you reach new heights.

Do you need help hiring for your unique culture?

As one of Orlando’s top full-time and temporary hiring agencies, Future Force will learn about your company and its culture, so we’re recruiting the best-fit candidates for your needs. If you’d like to learn more, we’re a call away.

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