How to Spark Creativity in the Workplace

How to Spark Creativity in the Workplace | Future Force Personnel

Growing a business requires more than hard work, but also creativity and innovation. It’s the end of the year, though, and with it can come burnout and fatigue. How can you go about sparking creativity among your team now and in the new year, so new ideas can blossom? Here are a few simple ways.

5 Ways to Spark Creativity in the Workplace

Invite ideas.

Let your people know you want their ideas and insight. If you don’t, some might naturally offer them, but others won’t. So create an open door policy where you actively and regularly encourage team members to come to you with their ideas. Don’t ever quash their contributions, either. Embrace the differences and individuality of your staff and let them know you appreciate and value their thoughts.

Set the stage.

Create a work environment that makes brainstorming natural. For instance, you can enhance different areas that make your workspace more interesting and exciting, from color and sound to lighting, even music, private and group work spaces, and more. Just make sure your team members are on board with the changes you make in terms of sound or lighting so it doesn’t disturb or distract them.

Make time for brainstorming.

Don’t expect ideas to fall from the sky. Instead, schedule time to brainstorm with your team when you need ideas. Whether you’re looking to solve a problem or to expand your business, this can reap a range of rewards.

When you do schedule time for brainstorming, create an environment that inspires it with plenty of paper and pencils around the conference room – or wherever you’re working – for doodling or writing down ideas and whiteboard for discussing them. Let the ideas flow, pressure-free, and see where it takes you.

Ask for ideas – anonymously.

Another way to spark creativity and get ideas is to invite anonymous suggestions. This encourages even those who tend to remain quiet to come forward with their thinking. People will feel more comfortable being open and honest, so you get more helpful and authentic insight.

Hire intellectually diverse people.

When you hire people who all think the same way, it’s going to hinder your creativity. When you do need to hire, don’t just go for the candidate that’s most like you and the rest of your team. Look for those who bring a fresh perspective, a new way of thinking, and track record of innovation.

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