Interview Tip: How to Talk About Your Job Experience

Interview Tip: How to Talk About Your Job Experience | Future Force Personnel

Discussing your background during an interview can feel awkward. However, it’s a must if you want to land the offer. How can you talk about your track record in a way that is authentic and effective? Here are some tips to help you.

How Can You Talk About Your Job Experience In an Interview?

Read through the job posting.

Before the interview, make sure you read through the job posting again. Make notes of the requirements and qualifications the company has that you have experience with. Then jot down the specifics about your background that are relevant to the role.

Review the resume and cover letter you sent.

You might have applied for the job weeks ago. Before you head to an interview, refresh yourself about what you submitted. Read through your resume and the cover letter you sent, so you know what information the hiring manager has in their hands. Again, write down key points from these documents that are especially important to highlight in the interview.

Practice your answer.

You don’t want to sound like you’re reading from a script. However, if you don’t practice ahead of time, you might get nervous and clam up – or worse, keep talking. When you practice what you want to say ahead of time, you’ll feel more comfortable and confident walking into the interview and be more concise with what you say.

Make connections clear.

Make it clear to the hiring manager why they should hire you. Cite a need or a challenge they are facing and discuss how your background or skills can help fill that gap or solve the problem. Talk in specifics as much as possible, including examples of relevant past projects you’ve worked on and the results you were able to achieve.

Use short, concise language.

Don’t ramble on about your background or experience. Instead, use direct, clear statements and action verbs, and keep your answer short – just a minute or two. Answer the question in a way that is persuasive and end what you say with a goal: what you want to achieve in the position.

Be mindful of your body language.

What you say is important, but so is how you say it. If you’re tapping your knee or twirling your hair, this sends the message that you’re not confident in your answer. If your nerves are getting the best of you, continue to practice and even ask a friend or family member to record you. This can help you to see areas where you need to improve.

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