How to Streamline the Training Period with New Employees

How to Streamline the Training Period with New Employees | Future Force Personnel

Once you make a hiring decision and extend an offer, there’s still more work to do. You have to onboard and train your new employee to ensure they understand their role and your expectations. Thorough training also helps new hires feel more comfortable and welcomed during their first days on the job, which helps to set the tone in a positive way.

The question is: how can you streamline training, so it’s not dated, complicated, and boring? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

How Can You Streamline the Training Period?

Ask existing employees for feedback.

Before you make any major changes to your training program, talk to your existing team, particularly other new hires. Ask them about the existing training program and ways to improve it. This ensures you’re fixing any weak areas and making the program more effective.

Be careful about overwhelming.

It’s easy to overwhelm a new hire with information, so work hard to avoid this. Break down training sessions into bite-size chunks over the course of several days or weeks. If you provide too much information, your new employee will shut down and stop taking it in.

Use technology to your advantage.

Another way to streamline training is with technology. Get your training programs online, so employees can access and participate in them when it’s most convenient for them. This can also be used for existing employees to train them on new skills in an interactive and cost-efficient way.

Create a mentoring program.

A mentoring program offers an ideal way to get new employees up and running fast. A good mentor will not only help new hires in their job, but also to learn about the culture of the company, policies, the hierarchy of the leadership team, and other company nuances. This will give your new employee more clarity and confidence.

Train for skill gaps.

Make sure you have goals in mind for training. For instance, if you have any gaps on your team, train new hires to fill these areas. Also, offer a mix of different mediums for training, from online options to in-person training, one-on-one training, mentoring, and more.

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