The Benefits of Hiring and Training Entry-Level Employees

The Benefits of Hiring and Training Entry-Level Employees | Future Force

It’s the time of year for college graduation parties and entry-level openings. If you’re hiring from this crop of new grads, make sure you’re properly training and onboarding them. Why?

According to reports, 80% of graduates expect formal training in their first jobs. If you don’t offer it, it could lead to high turnover in these positions and expensive hiring mistakes. In fact, it could wind up costing you more than simply training them.

What is the Benefits of Hiring and Training New Employees?

Beyond cost, what are some other benefits of training entry-level employees? Here’s a look:

It increases productivity.

When you offer training to entry-level employees, it sends the message you care about their careers and their ability to perform well on the job. It also enables them to learn about company expectations and standards, as well as goals, culture, vision, and more, then ultimately hit the ground running faster in their new roles.

It reduces mistakes.

When employees are properly trained, particularly those who are entry-level, it can help to avoid mistakes. This is especially important if the role is customer-facing.

It boosts company loyalty.

When you invest in training and learning, employees are more likely to remain on the job. This reduces turnover and improves loyalty, which can help you build a strong, more knowledgeable team over time.

It attracts better-fit candidates.

When your company is known to offer robust training opportunities, the best and brightest will want to work for you. You’ll be able to recruit the most talented candidates, ones who are creative, hard-working, and ready to contribute in a valuable way.

While training offers many benefits, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to it. There are many options available and you can even offer various ones depending on the position or the candidate you’re hiring. For instance, some different training opportunities include:

  • Pairing your new hire with buddy to work alongside for the first few weeks on the job
  • Soft skills training, so new employees understand what’s expected from them from the beginning
  • Online training, where you can offer a range of videos, articles and other resources to give new hires more insight into the company

Need help hiring and training entry-level workers?

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