How Employers Can Support a Better Work/Life Balance for Their Employees

How Employers Can Support a Better Work/Life Balance for Their Employees | Future Force

Today’s employees want to live a more balanced life. They don’t want work to bleed over into the evenings and weekends. At the same time, when they’re at work, they want to be in a culture that’s healthy and supportive. How can you offer this to employees in a way that makes sense for your bottom line? Here are some tips:

How Can You Support Your Employee’s Work/Life Balance?

Offer flexible scheduling.

Flex scheduling, remote work, and hybrid options are all in demand by employees. This allows them to better maintain a healthy work-life balance by controlling where and when they work. They feel valued since their employer is offering far more autonomy. At the same time, they’re often more productive since they’re more engaged and happier during the time they are at work.

Encourage breaks and vacations.

Some employees feel like stepping away from work can impact their career trajectory. Send the message that this isn’t true. Set the tone by taking your own breaks and vacations. Also, encourage employees to follow suit and place an emphasis on recharging and taking time away from work. Burned-out employees aren’t productive and can make mistakes that can impact your customer retention.

Provide support for parents.

Many of your employees are likely parents. When you offer resources and support to them, you’re more likely to retain them and keep them productive and engaged with your team. It can be anything from financial help with childcare costs to providing more maternity or paternity leave or offering part-time roles for parents.

Talk to your people.

Meet with your team members individually to talk about goals, workload, capacity constraints, and challenges. Getting in touch with each one on an individual basis will help you to find out about issues before they escalate. You can also work together to solve problems and better motivate your team when you understand their perspective.

Consider some perks.

Who doesn’t like a good perk? Your employees will appreciate them, whether it’s free pet insurance, reimbursing a gym membership, offering free access to financial advisors or help with tax returns, or another benefit. When you have a few perks that are important to employees, you can help them better manage life and work, while alleviating stress.

Are your employees burned out?

If employees aren’t balancing work and life and are burned out, it could be time to hire. Let Future Force help. We can fill a wide range of positions, fast, with our robust network of talent. Contact us today to get started.


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