Qualities to Look for When Hiring New Employees

Qualities to Look for When Hiring New Employees | Future Force Personnel

Making the wrong hiring decision comes at a cost. Not only are you back to square one in terms of hiring, but morale, productive, and even customer retention can all take a hit. It’s why hiring the right people from the start is vital. To help you do that, here are some qualities to look for.

What Qualities Should You Look For When Hiring New Employees?

Good communication skills.

Whether the job requires a lot of writing, communicating with customers on phone calls, or delivering presentations to other team members, you want to ensure the candidate has the right communication skills. If they’re shaky in this area during the interview process, then things won’t get better once on the job. Also, look for red flags, like not responding to your calls or emails in a timely manner.

Confidence with humility.

You don’t want an arrogant employee. At the same time, you want someone with a backbone you can count on. It’s why finding the right balance of confidence and humility is key. Look for those candidates who are confident in the answers they offer, provide persuasive examples of their past accomplishments, and seem to welcome challenges in the workplace.

Emotional intelligence.

This is how employees understand, empathize, and work cohesively as part of a team. With a high emotional intelligence, new hires will be able to get integrated faster, blend with the rest of the team, and also bring their own unique perspective to the table in a way that adds value. To check for this, ask each candidate questions about how they dealt with challenging situations or people in the past.


If you find out a candidate exaggerates their past work history or their job title, it’s a good indication they are dishonest. You want people you can trust on your team, now those who will lie, exaggerate, or point fingers when a mistake is made.

A positive attitude.

This doesn’t mean being happy all the time. However, it does mean bringing positive, productive energy to the workplace to get the job done. Look for those who are passionate about their work and excited about the opportunity. Also, if a candidate badmouths a past boss or employer, cross them off the list. They will eventually do the same to your company if you hire them.

Need Quality Talent?

Hiring these days can certainly be a challenge. Keeping an eye out for the qualities above can make the process easier. Another way to make hiring easier? Bring in Future Force. As one of the area’s leading temporary hiring agencies, we can connect you with hard-working, talented individuals to fill your skill gaps. Find out more today!


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