6 Ways to Create a Positive Candidate Experience

6 Ways to Create a Positive Candidate Experience | Future Force Personnel

If you want to create a great candidate experience, you might need to adjust your hiring process. This is critical since today’s hunt for top talent is more competitive than ever. If you want to hire and retain star performers, you have to treat them right – from the start. Here’s how to improve your candidate experience so your top choice candidates say “yes” to your offers.

How Can You Create a Positive Candidate Experience?

#1: Evaluate the existing experience.

How do candidates feel about your company? This is more important than you realize. If they have negative feelings, then it can impact the quality of candidates who apply, as well as the number that accept your job offers. The candidate’s experience plays a huge role in this. If they don’t have a good experience during the hiring process, then they will lose respect for your company and your brand.

#2: Write strong job descriptions.

This might be the first interaction a candidate has with your company. It needs to be both clear and compelling, explaining the requirements for the role as well as why a candidate would want to work for your company. Use jargon-free language in your descriptions and skip the cliches, like “team player.” Only focus on essentials, not a laundry list of nice-to-have requirements.

#3: Make it easy to apply.

If your company has a long-winded application process or it’s confusing in any way, you’ll lose out on top candidates. Offer clear instructions for applying and avoid the process of making candidates log into a system. Anything that makes the process easier, such as applying via LinkedIn or just emailing their resume, is a good thing. Not only should the application process be straightforward, but you should also have a careers page on your website that is easy to find.

#4: Communicate quickly and regularly.

Send candidates a follow-up email soon after they apply. Let them know you received their application and explain the next steps. Keep them in the loop and communicate often about what to expect. Respond to candidate questions promptly, and if they are rejected, let them know as soon as possible.

#5: Offer insight into the interview process.

For those candidates you want to interview, let them know what to expect ahead of time. Make sure they know when the interview is, the location, and what to bring with them. If the interview will be a panel one, give them a heads up. Also, if it’s an in-person interview, let them know about any specific instructions regarding where to park and how to get to your office.

#6: Keep track of candidates.

For those candidates you don’t hire, let them know immediately so they can continue with their job search. However, if you think they’re right for a future role, connect with them on LinkedIn. Keep track of them and add them to your network of passive candidates so you can tap them when you have a new role to fill.

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