How to Hire for Cultural Fit

How to Hire for Cultural Fit | Future Force Personnel

Hiring great candidates requires factoring in cultural fit. This is the essence or personality of the company and assesses whether a specific candidate will mesh with it. When there is a fit, it means the employee’s beliefs and attitudes are in alignment with the business. It’s not something you can teach and train for; however, you can hire for it. To help you, follow these steps:

How Do You Know if a Candidate is a Good Cultural Fit?

Define your culture.

Hiring for cultural fit requires you to first define your company’s culture. Think through the behaviors that are critical for an employee to succeed at your company. Also, evaluate the values, goals, attitudes, and practices that make up your organization. When you merge these two, you will have your company culture and what an employee will need to thrive there.

Promote culture during the hiring process.

When you promote the company culture in the job posting and during interviews, as well as on your careers website and social media posts, better-fit candidates will start applying. This makes it easier to hire for cultural fit. During the interview process, further discuss cultural fit and the hallmarks of it at your company.

Ask culture-related questions during the interview.

Discuss past positions with each candidate and the leadership style under which they thrived, as well as any struggles they had with other company cultures. This will provide you with insight into whether they’re the right choice for your organization and its unique culture.

Invite candidates to gain a first-hand look into the culture.

If a candidate is at your business location for an in-person interview, offer them a tour of the office and introduce them to a few key players. If the interview is remote, then provide videos for them to watch about your company, its employees, and what those workers like about their jobs. If you’d like to further assess fit, have each candidate take a personality test to ensure they’re a good match for your needs.

Get help from a staffing agency.

When you need help hiring employees who are an excellent fit for your company culture, as well as the demands of the job, turn to an experienced staffing agency, like Future Force. Our recruiters will get to know your unique culture, then promote it during the hiring process and screen candidates based on it. With help from our team, you’ll get top-fit candidates who will thrive at your organization. Contact us today to get started.



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