How Texting Can Help You Recruit Better Candidates

How Texting Can Help You Recruit Better Candidates | Future Force Personnel

When it comes to communicating with candidates, email is often the default mode. However, today’s candidates are open to texting and in fact, it can be a more effective way to connect with them. Here’s why.

How Can Texting Help You Recruit Better Candidates

It’s easier to respond to.

Candidates are busy and often have hundreds of emails in their inboxes. When you text them instead, you’ll often get a faster response. A text can break through the clutter and reach candidates in a way that makes it easier for them to respond.

It allows you to keep them informed.

If you want the most talented candidate, speed matters in order to reach them before your competition. As a result, texting is often the way to go, particularly if you are recruiting from the millennial or Gen Z audience. Not only is it an easy way to keep candidates informed, but offer real-time updates about the hiring process.

It helps you better connect with candidates anytime.

Candidates might not check their email on a regular basis throughout the day. Yet, a text will alert them immediately that you’ve reached out. This can be helpful if they’re at work and cannot check their personal email.

It offers a way to communicate casually.

Typically, when it comes to email, communication is more formal. However, on text, you might get the chance to get behind the candidate mask and to learn more about a candidate on a personal level. It can also open up a line of communication between you and the candidate, so you can quickly answer any questions that might come to mind.

It provides a more positive candidate experience.

When there’s more open and regular communication between you and the candidate, it will create a positive experience for them. They will get to know your company on a more personal level, making the hiring process feel more human.

Just make sure that before you start texting a candidate, they are comfortable with it. Not everyone wants to communicate via text. To do this, ask candidates about the ways they want to be contacted and give them the option to opt-in to text during the application process. That way, they’re not surprised by messages from you or your company.

Get help connecting with candidates.

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