Restart Your Hiring Strategy: How to Hire Top Talent in the Spring

Spring is the time of year for new growth – and new hires. If you haven’t looked at your hiring strategy in ages, then now is the time. To help you, below are a few steps to kickstart spring hiring and positive company growth in the rest of the year ahead.

Review metrics.

Look at metrics and find out areas where you need to hire. This will help you to set the right hiring goals for the spring and for the remainder of 2024. Reviewing past metrics will also help you better understand whether these are short-term hiring pains or permanent needs.

Set goals.

Once you have a better handle on your hiring needs, you can set your goals. What positions do you need to hire for and when? Where will you advertise the position? What is the timeline for the hiring process? Answers to these questions should all be spelled out in detail.

Create optimized job postings.

When it comes to today’s job postings, they need to do more than discuss the role. They need to be optimized so candidates can find them online. To do that, make sure you include keywords and variations of key phrases in the job title and the body copy. You can also target competitor keywords and promote your job openings on your company website, across social media, and on various job boards that fit your audience.

Don’t forget about niche job boards.

There are plenty of big job boards out there, as well as social media platforms where you can advertise job openings. But don’t forget about the niche ones that target certain groups of people. For instance, there are niche job boards for everyone from new college graduates to mothers returning to the workforce to veterans and those with disabilities. Don’t overlook these in your quest to find new hires.

Host recruiting events.

Another great way to find the right talent? Hosting or attending recruiting events. This can be especially helpful this time of year if you’re looking to hire new graduates. When you host recruitment events, or participate in ones on college campuses or at other institutions, you can build your candidate network, add to your pipeline, and potentially source those active candidates who could be your next great hires.

Build your employer brand.

This won’t happen overnight. However, start to build a compelling and attractive online presence. Work toward enticing great candidates to apply to your company. Some ways to achieve this include through posting employee-authored blogs, video tours of your office, photos from company sponsored events, and details about what sets your company apart as an employer.

Need help with your hiring strategy?

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