Tips for Constructing an Appealing Job Offer

Hiring top talent is your ticket to building a strong team. However, to do that, you need to make your offer appealing. Even with unemployment higher due to the COVID-19 pandemic, leading candidates are still in demand. It’s why you need to make sure your offer is more than competitive, but stands out among others. Here’s what to include:

Be clear about short- and long-term objectives.

First, it’s important to put in writing the tasks and responsibilities the new hire will be handling. This ensures they’re clear about what you will expect from them, so there aren’t any surprises.

Beyond the short-term daily tasks, it’s also important to look at the bigger picture and highlight how the candidate can advance at your company. This will get them thinking in the long-term and increase the chance of them accepting the offer.

Offer a competitive compensation package.

If you’re looking to hire the best people, you need to offer a compensation package that reflects that. Most candidates, whether they’re active or passive, won’t make a move if it’s for the same salary.

It’s therefore important to understand the candidate’s salary history and then put together a package that’s more competitive. In the offer, be sure to highlight the benefits, including any bonuses, vacation days, and employee benefits, so they fully understand what they would be earning beyond just salary.

Discuss any perks and flexible scheduling.

If there are any perks that set you apart, like paying for a gym membership or matching funds toward repaying college debt, make sure you’re covering these in the offer.

Another in-demand perk is flexibility. Let the candidate know if you offer flexible hours and the ability to telecommute. This is attractive to many candidate and could be the difference between them accepting your offer or turning it down.

Call the candidate.

Don’t simply email the candidate your company’s offer. Call them first and tell them that you’d like for them to join the team. Explain how their skills and experience stood out and why you chose them. Let them know you’ll be sending over the offer in writing, so they can review it.

Don’t be offended if they counter with a higher salary amount. Negotiate where you can until you reach an agreement where both parties are happy. If they need time to think about it, offer them a date to provide you with their answer.

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