Showing Your Personality During an Interview  

With unemployment high, there’s a lot of competition out there for new jobs. How can you stand out in a sea of other candidates vying for the same positions as you?

There are many factors to consider, including applying for roles you’re qualified for, as well as creating a polished and persuasive resume. However, once you get an interview, another approach is to show some personality to the hiring manager.

Too often, during job interviews, candidates come across as stiff and formal. They want to appear professional and be taken seriously. In the process, though, they don’t show any emotion and can be perceived as boring or dry. This can make it difficult for the interviewer to get a sense of whether the candidate is a true fit for the culture.

Instead, when you’re personable and show your personality – in a professional way – in an interview, you’ll have a better shot at connecting with the hiring manager. This will help your chances of getting the offer. Here are a few ways to do that:

Stay calm.

Interviews are nerve-wracking experiences. However, if you fidget, don’t make eye contact, or come across as nervous, it’s going to harm your chances of getting the job.

Try to stay focused on feeling calm instead. Not only will you make a better impression on the hiring manager, but you’ll also just be yourself rather than a bundle of nerves. If this is a struggle for you, the best way to overcome interview nerves is through practice.

Keep body language in check.

Those little gestures and movements can make a big impact on how a hiring manager perceives you. So be mindful of your body language. Offer a firm handshake and smile when you greet them. Also, don’t slouch in your chair or fidget with your hair or a pencil. Be sure to sit up straight, appear confident and eager, and make regular eye contact.

Be friendly.

Just because you’re in a job interview doesn’t mean you have to turn off your sense of humor or personality. Instead, make sure you’re coming across as personable and approachable. Interviewers want to hire people who seem like they’re easy to work with and will be positive team players. So be warm, friendly, and engaging as much as you can during the interview.

Share a story.

When a hiring manager asks you questions about your background, share a memorable story rather than rattling off past duties. Talk about a key accomplishment, the results you achieved, and why it mattered to your team, company, or customers. This will make you stand out in the hiring manager’s mind and better showcase your skills and abilities.

Focus on being positive and upbeat.

Hiring managers are on the lookout for candidates who come across as potential “problem employees.” It’s why demonstrating a positive attitude and being upbeat is always a good idea. Even when you’re talking about past mistakes, failures, or problems you’ve experienced, focus more on what you learned from the situation. In whatever you say, don’t badmouth a past or existing employer or boss.

During a job interview, when you’re authentic and show some personality, you’ll be able to stand out and shine to the interviewer. You’ll also show the hiring manager how you’re able to manage stress and perform under pressure, which are key skills for any job.

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