How to Support Working Parents

How to Support Working Parents | Future Force Personnel

Just over two years ago, working parents were hit hard from every side: children suddenly learning at home, on-site jobs turning into remote roles, and a worldwide pandemic added to the mix. Life was upside down with many families scrambling to adjust.

Today, the situation has returned to near pre-pandemic levels. However, it’s brought to the forefront all the pressure faced by so many working families. With the “Great Resignation” and so many unhappy employees leaving their jobs, you can’t afford to lose your top working parent talent. How can you support them, so they can thrive on the job? Here are some tips for success:

How Can Employers Support Working Parents?

Meet their needs.

Don’t make assumptions. Instead, ask your employees what they need for success. For instance, a hybrid or fully remote schedule might make their life easier and their work more manageable. Or perhaps a flex schedule – coming in early and leaving early – is a better fit. Talk to each of your working parents – and working caregivers for that matter – to find out what their specific needs are. Then, figure out how to keep them happy and productive on the job, so you can retain them.

Rethink benefits.

Of course, working parents want the traditional benefits, like health insurance and retirement savings plans. However, think outside the box to offer other options, like personal spending accounts that can be used to cover child care or adult day care costs.

If your company has the resources and you have enough interested working parents, you can even create an onsite child care program. Another benefit? Provide discounts for prepared meal services, so dinner isn’t as stressful, and they are able to spend more quality time with their family.

Keep an eye toward work-life balance.

Working parents want to work hard and are often just as or even more productive than counterparts without school-age children. However, for them, balance is key, and it should therefore be a big focus for you too. To achieve that, offer more opportunities for flexibility and quality-of-life perks. Look at the big picture – goals and outcomes – rather than hours worked. Strive to build a culture that embraces balance and gives working parents what they need to thrive.

Be mindful of meetings.

When a working parent is on a different schedule than the rest of your office, be mindful about their time and schedule. You don’t want to make them feel excluded from meetings, simply because they have to pick up their kids from school by 3 pm, for instance. Instead, work to schedule meetings at a time when everyone is available. To do this, just ask your team the days and times that work best for meetings. If an individual can’t join in person, make it easy to participate remotely.

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