Strategies to Finding Great Candidates

If hiring is on your list for 2024, you need more than a piecemeal approach. Instead, make sure you have a cohesive plan with the right strategies in place. This will help you hire intelligently so you get the best-fit people for your needs. In the process, you’ll also shorten your time to hire, while building awareness among future candidates about your employer brand. Here’s what to know.

How Can You Find Great Candidates?

Write balanced job descriptions.

Your job descriptions should be balanced. They should focus on your needs and why a candidate would want to work for your company. To do that, write a short overview of the company and include a few primary requirements of the job. But don’t stop there. Be sure to focus on any unique perks offered to employees, as well as your company culture, giving candidates a better sense of whether your job is a match for them. When you’re able to create a job description, one that’s clear, concise, and compelling, you’ll get higher caliber, better-fit candidates applying.

Tap your existing team.

When it comes to finding new employees, your existing team is the best source. Once you have specific job descriptions, reach out and ask them if they know any good matches for the roles. Also, ask them to share the postings on their own social networks. If they are able to refer good-fit candidates you end up hiring, be sure to offer a reward.

Consider past candidates.

If you have candidates who didn’t make the cut in the past but who offered in-demand skills and experience, reach out to inquire about interest. They might not have been right for a past position but could be ideal for a current opening you have now.

Create a positive candidate experience.

When candidates are treated in a positive way, it will make them feel valued and important. To do this, invest in creating the kind of experience you’d provide for a customer, including timely and open communication, respect for their time, prompt answers to their questions, and a welcoming, friendly attitude.

Use social media.

If you’re not promoting jobs on social media, now’s the time to start. It’s the fastest way for potential candidates to view and apply, as well as for others to share your openings. On your social media channels, also work toward creating a positive image of your employer brand through information, employee-authored posts, videos, images, and other company-centered content.

Need help finding great candidates in 2024?

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