5 Ways to Make Contract Workers Feel Valued in Your Organization

5 Ways to Make Contract Workers Feel Valued in Your Organization | Future Force Personnel

Contract workers are key to your company’s success. They help you meet demand, take on new projects, cover gaps when employees are out on leave, and remain flexible and agile. However, to get the most from them, there are a few key steps to take to ensure they feel welcomed and valued. Here’s what to do to get them up and running, so they feel like a part of the team.

Here’s How to Make Your Contract Workers Feel Valued

#1: Inform your full-time employees

Don’t bring in contractors without letting your core staff know. They’ll wonder why and if their jobs are secure. Instead, explain your reasoning or need for hiring contractors and how this will benefit the company as a whole. Let them know when the contractors will be starting and how long they’ll be with the team for.

#2: Provide an onboarding program

While it might not be as detailed as onboarding a full-time employee, it’s still important to ensure your contractors are welcomed and onboarded properly. This should include conducting any necessary training, introducing them to staff, taking them out to lunch, and being available for questions or challenges in those first few days.

#3: Invite contractors to meetings and social events

Make sure contractors are invited to project meetings, as well as company lunches, happy hours, or other social events. This will make them feel more welcomed and like a part of the team from the start. It will also help them to get to know more people in the company, which can assist in the work they are doing for you.

#4: Pair them with a buddy

Another way to make your contractors feel welcomed and become productive quickly is to pair them with a buddy at work. This can be a mentor or a veteran employee who can answer their questions, address any concerns, and show them the ropes. The contractor will feel more comfortable, as a result, and more connected to your organization.

#5: Check-in regularly

While your contractor has someone they can refer daily questions to, make sure you’re still in contact with them regularly. Check-in at least once each week to find out how they are settling in, whether they have questions, and what you can do to support them. This will show them that you care about their comfort and satisfaction on the job and want to ensure they have what they need to deliver excellent results.

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