Why Building a Talent Pipeline is Important

Why Building a Talent Pipeline is Important | Future Force Personnel

When you’re hiring, it can be a challenge to find the right-fit people for your opening. One way to make the process easier is by building a talent pipeline.

A talent pipeline is simply a network of people you have relationships with that you can tap when you’re recruiting. It can include past employees, past candidates who didn’t get the offers, former colleagues, and other individuals you’ve connected with over time for various reasons. It’s a wide-ranging network that relies on proactive recruiting instead of reactive recruiting.

Why Should You Build a Talent Pipeline?

The Advantages of a Talent Pipeline

So why invest in building a talent pipeline and nurturing relationships within it? Here are a few of the advantages:

It shortens the time-to-hire.

When you have a pipeline of existing talent, you can hire much faster. You’re already a few steps ahead of the process than those companies without one. You can turn to your network, evaluate it for potential candidates who are a good fit for a certain role, and start the process of connecting with them. This means you can have interviews scheduled in a matter of days, not weeks.

It makes hiring less costly.

Since there’s less time spent on hiring, it also becomes less costly too. A talent pipeline is built on relationships, rather than investing a lot of resources into advertising job openings and pre-qualifying candidates.

It can help you hire for cultural fit.

When your talent pipeline includes people who applied to past openings or former employees or colleagues, you can assess whether they’d be a good fit not only for the job, but for the company culture. As research reports, most new hires that leave a job within six months do so because of lack of cultural fit. It’s why hiring for culture is key.

Do you need help hiring for your job openings?

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