Tips on Finding Your Leadership Style

Tips on Finding Your Leadership Style | Future Force Personnel

When you manage a team, every day is different. However, your leadership style should remain the same throughout it. There are both good and bad ways to lead, as well as many styles to consider. If you’ve wrestled with this concept before and aren’t sure what kind of leader you are, here are some ways to figure it out. Ask yourself:

How Can You Find Your Leadership Style?

What are your core personality traits?

Are you a serious, more formal leader or one dedicated to creating a friendly environment? Are you impulsive or a careful thinker? Do you tend to micro-manage or take a more hands-off approach?  Knowing what core personality traits define you will play a big role in how you lead and interact with those you’re managing.

What are your values and beliefs?

Understanding these, too, will further help you identify your leadership style. Values are what is most important to you and how you behave as a result. If you don’t understand these, then you can’t define them for your employees.

However, when you are able to identify and communicate them, your employees will feel more loyal and place more trust in your abilities as a result. So, whether it’s authenticity, courage, or impact, make sure you understand what your key values are and how they play a role in the company and your leadership style.

What are your weaknesses?

Don’t be shy about defining these. Everyone has them, and the more honest you are, the better. So, think about your weaknesses and how they impact you as a leader. What can you do to overcome them? This will help you to become a better leader in the future. Plus,  when you’re transparent about them with your people, you’ll be a more inspiring role model for your team.

As you do identify weaknesses, look to other leaders you admire. What traits or abilities do they have that you would like to develop? This will help you assess where you are now as a leader and where you’d like to be.

What would your employees say about your leadership style?

You’ll have to ask them to find out. Getting other peoples’ opinions, though, is critical to truly understanding how you lead. This will give you insight into habits or attitudes you have that you might not even be aware of.

You can collect feedback in whatever way you want, whether through one-on-one meetings, group sessions, or in an anonymous way. However, doing so is an important stepping stone to developing as a leader.

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